Monday, April 18, 2011

101.1 Thing To Do No. 12 – ...Work into an Exhibition - Gocco Printing

Here are my first successful Gocco prints that can be seen as part of the 2011: print odyssey exhibition at STEW Studios in Norwich.

My first attempt at a Gocco print was in the shape of the Superhero Assembly Point from the previous post but it didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, so following on from my Flock of Pigeons screen print, here is my set of Rock Pigeons.

Gocco printing is a scaled down self-contained version of screen printing from Japan. For a tutorial on Gocco printing, click here.

I've been slowly turning my cellar into an underground studio and gocco secret lair and as of today it is fully operational, which is handy as the photographer David Drake is due to pay me a visit tomorrow to catch me at work as part of his upcoming exhibtion at the Rumsey Wells, which features past exhibitors from previous exhibitions at the Rumsey Wells. Confusing? Just a little ...

Anyway, I hope you like the prints.

Right, I'm off to test my new secret lair ...

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Dr. John Doe said...

Those are so awesome! I really enjy your work.

-Dr. John Doe,